Amanda & Andrew | Loveland Pass Engagement

I had a blast doing engagement photos with Amanda and Andrew (aka Vanagon Man). They came with a whole slew of cool props: firewood, a Best Made Co hatchet,  High West 7000 (which will be used in a signature cocktail at their Park City, UT wedding) and last but not least: the Vanagon. I had no idea that VW Vanagons were legit mountain vehicles until I saw it in action on Loveland Pass. I asked Andrew if he was sure he wanted to drive his van up the pass and he just laughed! When I got home I told my husband about the van and it's mountain capabilities and he was like "there is a reason those vans have a cult following, especially in Colorado: they can literally handle any terrain". Well, I feel like I've joined the cult following now because I want one really bad; for adventuring and for staging epic photo shoots. Thanks for being so cool Amanda and Andrew! You sure know how to make a photographer look good.