About Amy

Hi there! I’m Amy Lacy. I’m a type-A, free spirit who loves a good plan and direct communication as much as I love going with the flow and being a little weird. When I’m not behind the camera or at my computer editing, you can find me playing with my kids at the pool or hiking with my husband. I love serving people through listening & encouraging and I’ll likely remember something totally random about you that you don’t recall telling me (yeah I’m a weirdo). I’m most passionate about being creative through my work and through how I love on those around me.



You want to remember each stage of your kids’ life for what they are, both the mundane and the magical and lifestyle photography helps you do that. I craft an experience during our sessions that allows you and your clan to be present with each other and create moments filled with emotion that feel natural to you. The end result of working together is imagery that is unique to your season, a fleeting chapter worth remembering for a lifetime.



You’re likely here because you need imagery that shows your product or service in a way that evokes a response—increased brand affinity or better yet, a purchase! There is nothing that I love more than working with brands to create specific imagery to help them execute their campaign’s strategy and achieve their goals! Flexing my creative muscles gets me excited; whether it be through creating an enticing flat lay, perfectly crisp product shots, or lifestyle imagery—they all get me jazzed. The marketer in me (did I mention that I oversaw Chipotle’s field marketing in the Rocky Mountain Region for 9 years?) is energized by the challenge of finding a way to visually tell a story unique to the brand. I’ve worked with brands in the fashion, fitness and food space such as Core Power Yoga, Wunderkin Co, and Noodles & Company and would love to work with your brand too if you think we’re the right fit!


If you’re dying to learn more, here are 5 random facts about me:

1. I’m a giant. Most people think I’m 6’ but I’m actually 5’10.

2. I was the captain of my swim team all four years in high school, not for my skill, but for my enthusiasm.

3. Call over text, I almost always pick up. Why does everyone hate talking on phone these days?

4. I’m a type 3 (the Achiever) on the enneagram. My greatest fear is letting someone down or not meeting expectations.

5. Carb girl 4 lyfe. I could literally eat top ramen multiple times a week.

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