Ashley, Josh & New Puppy Walter

I had a blast doing my very first lifestyle shoot with Ashley and Josh! It was especially fun because they are newly engaged--so getting them to act romantical wasn't hard at tallll ; ). There was a lot of googling over Josh's wedding ring (which he decided to wear early--cuz, why not?!). Ashley's ring hadn't arrived yet: it's a beautiful raw diamond ring that they designed together. They plan to have an small & intimate wedding with family and friends later on this year.

A few weeks later, puppy Walter arrived and we did a separate shoot with him to capture his puppyness. As you can see, Josh just loves it when Walter get nibbly...especially on his face. Anytime you need a giggle, just visit those images of Walter on Josh's shoulders and you should be good to go.

I'm very fond of this family. We pals for life.