About Amy

My love for photography began at age 12 when I got my first camera; I was obsessed with getting my film developed and making scrapbooks. I loved how taking and printing photos allowed me to tell as story about the events in my life, but with my own creative spin. I got my first real camera three years ago and was immediately hooked. The creative process of photography energizes me: from selecting the perfect location, to posing so that no one looks posed, to finding that perfect light--I love it all! I see so much beauty in this world and in the people that live in it and it brings me joy to be able to capture it through my camera. 

I describe my photography style as natural, charming and playful. It's natural because I don't like to overly pose or edit; I like my clients to look like themselves. It's charming because I love to capture tender relational moments, whether it's between a mother and daughter or a bride and groom. Finally I describe my work as playful because I encourage laughter, teasing and flirting during my sessions. Everyone looks better when they're having fun! 

I would consider it an honor and a privilege to capture whatever season of life you are in and promise that I'll make you feel and look comfortable even if getting your picture taken isn't your favorite thing.

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Some random facts about me...

  • I'm obsessed with mid century modern design and architecture.

  • I should probably eat Ramen a little less now that I'm (well) out of college.

  • I tend to get to the point. My mom often tells me to add more "padding".

  • I hate the word padding.

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